About Us

Who are we?

The company behind the "musiccompo" brand is High Gain Industrial Limited, a composite material specialist based in Hong Kong. Since 2005, we have been designing and producing musical instrument cases made of carbon fiber in an OEM role for many other brands in countries like Spain, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Japan, and Korea.

Over the years, we have been receiving requests from individual musicians who want to purchase directly from us. We reluctantly turned down most of those requests due to our OEM role. In 2016, we finally decided to establish our own brand "musiccompo" so that we can serve individual customers more easily.

What do we offer musicians?

We are passionate about what we do and we want to achieve the following for our customers:

  • Make it easy for musicians all over the world to acquire carbon fiber cases for their instruments
  • Design and engineer cases that are not only light and strong but also colored to suit different tastes
  • Focus initially on less popular instruments in an effort to preserve musical cultures

What are the key features of our carbon fiber cases?

Core material

All our cases are made of high quality carbon fiber sourced from trusted suppliers such as TORAY. The carbon fiber is reinforced to elevate the shock-resistance level by around 20%. It is mixed with epoxy to enhance its strength and give it a higher level of transparency.


To give the cases a noble and luxurious feel, the interior is fitted with high pick-count velvet fabric. Extra thick foam cushions (up to 12mm) are installed to protect the instruments from scratches caused by friction during movement.


All our cases are tested for protective strength before leaving the factory. They can all sustain at least 80kg weight without deformation. Besides, they have been designed and tested to have a high level of moisture resistance.


Our carbon fiber cases are not only strong but also light in weight. They can be up to 30% lighter than their wooden or plastic counterparts, which will make carrying your instrument around a breeze.

Handles, Locks, and Finish

The handles of our cases are made of genuine leather. For some instruments, we also offer carbon fiber handle as an option.  All our locks are internally designed and produced to ensure they fit the curves of the cases perfectly. They are chrome-plated for rust resistance. Finally, the cases are given a shinny, glossy finish to ensure they not only protect but also impress!